Bungy jumping in Nepal

Bungy jumping in Nepal

Bungy jumping in Nepal

Bungy jumping in Nepal-Nepal bungy jumping, Bungy jumping Nepal a kind of the adventurous activity in Nepal. Bungy jumping in Nepal is the world second big bungy jumping in the world. The destination of the Bungy jumping in  Nepal located 100 km north east direction from Kathmandu , from there friendship bridge only 12 km far. Actually height of the last resort, ultimate bungy jumping exciting spot just 3600 ft, in comparision the kathmandu still lower than 600 m. By bus it take 3 hrs drive from a kathmandu, swiss government designed this and have a loading factors 4.5 tones or 41, 500 kg. Suspensiion bridge of the bungy jumping designed by the swiss 4x saftey factors.
It is easy direction and can do within one day. normally deparature 7 o clock from a kathmandu and you arrive same day after experienced the Nepal bungy jumping. It is taken as the one day adventurous porgrammae from a Kathmandu. you can get the videography and take a memory of life long  and share with friends.



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