Tamang Heritage Trail, itinerary, permit and cost, trekking Tamang heritage

Tamang Heritage Trail

9 days Tamang Heritage Trail $550 usd

Tamanng heritage trekking info, permit , cost and detail itinerary

Tamang heritage trekking, Trekking Tamang heritage

Trip Name: Tamang heritage trekking

Trekking days: 9

Trekking region: Langtang National park

Trekking cost : $550 usd per person

Trekking document: Timms card, Langtang National park fee

Tamang heritage trekking eastablised to give a unique culture settlement of the tamang people who are rarely touched by the more outsiders. Due to the boardering of the tibet  and rural village areas , tamang people are tripical and traditional more than other langtang areas. You can modified the itinerary of the tamang heritage according to the time period and resarching style. Still People life style, culture and tradition are similar to the anicinet tibet which we glimpase when we see their house, farming style and religion activity.

Tamang heritage trekking permit:

Tamang heritage trekking permit menas Timms card of the tamang heritage trekking or Langtang and Langtang National park entry fee permit. Timms card cost $10 usd and Langtang National park fee cost Rs. 3000 NPR which is included if you do the Package trip of the Tamang heritage from our  Tamang heritage trekking agency Kathmandu.

Tamang heritage trekking guide: It is important goverment license holder trekking guide for the Tamang heritage trekking in Nepal. Every trekking company has a experience trekking guide for the Tamang heritage trekking. Our agency Mountain Air Guided Adventures(p.)ltd. provided the local tamang heritage trekking guide.

Tamang heritage trekking itinerary:

1. Kathmandu to sabrubenshi

2. Sabrubenshi to Galtang

3. Galtang to Tatopani

4. Tatopani to Thuman

5. Thuman to Rasuwagadhi

6. Rasuwagadhi to Briddim

7. Rest and explore days in Briddim

8. Briddim to Sabrubenshi

9. Sabrubenshi to Kathmandu

Tamang heritage trekking cost:

Tamang heritage trekking cost $600 usd  per person for 1 people in a group

Tamang heritage treking cost $550 usd per person for 2 people in a group

Tamang heritage trekking cost $500 usd per person for 3-4 people in a group.

Tamang heritage trekking cost $480 per person for 5-8 person in a group

Fixed group deparature date for the Tamang heritage trekking:

Even we are fixed deparature guest already, we can design your itinerary your own ways. how many days you like to trekking, we make the good Itinerary for the trekking.

Fixed deparature for the Tamang heritage trekking:

15 february 2015 , starting date of the tamang heritage trekking, 25 february 2015 end date

20 february 2015, starting date of the tamang heritage trekking, 30 february 2015 end date

1 march 2015, starting date of the tamang heritage trekking, 10 march 2015 end date.

Other Langtang Areas Trekking

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