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Nepal summer Trekking

Upper Mustang - Lo Manthang Trek

UPPER MUSTANG, the high-desert headwaters of the Thak khola, was closed to foreigners until 1992, and still retains much of its medieval tibetan culture-even if is Raja has now officially been deposed and chinease goods are new pouring across the boarder via a new road. permit to trek in upper mustang are expensive-$500 for the first ten days, $50 per day thereafter-and are issued only to agency-organized groups.

Tsum Valley Trek


Aptly called the "hidden valley", Tsum valley is loacated in the remote northern Gorkha region of Nepal. The valley is nestled between the Baudha Himal and Himal Chuli to the west, Ganesh Himal to the south, and Sringi Himal to the north. Owing to its distant location, inadequate information and promotion, trekking route to this region was only opened in October, 2007.

Kathmandu Valley Rim


chisapani nagarkot trekking is around the kathmandu valley Rim. It is very beautiful and thrilling because of the excellent views of the langtang ranges. It introduces the community around the Tamang community and style of their life , social status , reality of the life near the kathmandu valley. starting point of this trekking is from a sundarijal. It can be access 15 km, about one hours by bus or half an hours by taxi from the kathmandu valley. sundarijal to chisapani is normally upwards . Mulkharka, the village where is launch point from there it is tough steep up to the hills of the chisapan


Kalish Mansarovar Treks

Mt. Kailash (6714 m) - one of the popular mountain peak of Tibet, which is also known by the name of Tise, Kailash or Kang Rinpoche (Jewel of the Snows) has since time immemorial been celebrated in many eastern cosmologies as Mt. Meru, the axis-mundi. Mt.Meru (Kailash) is sacred to the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Jains, & the Bonpos, taken as the center of the physical & metaphysical universe. For the Hindus, the mountain represents the seat of Shiva. For the Buddhists, a terrestrial projection of the cosmic mandala of Dyani Buddhas & Bodhisattvas....the Wheel of Life.


Dolpo trekking:

Dolpo is the western part of nepal karnali zone. it is the area untouched by the modern technology. visitiors can get the ample chance to observe the natural life. some people of dolpa still didnot see the modern technolgy. There are upper dolpa and lower dolpa. It  is the region remote and touched up to the tibetan boarder. There are fascinating shey-phoksundo lake. most of the people are tibetans inhabitants. houses are like a bee hive. most of the people are uneducated and poor.



manaslu trekking Nepal connect to Annapurna region and upper mustang. One can go Annapurna region with the permit of the manaslu region Nepal.



Major Activities in Nepal

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