Rara lake trekking, trekking in rara lake, mugu rara lake trekking

Rara lake trekking Nepal

4 Days short trekking itinerary,7 days jeep tour,jumla to rara Lake and sinja valley 9 days trip  or 14 days long itinerary of the Rara Lake trekking

Rara lake trekking Nepal

Rara lake trekking Nepal orgaized by the Mountain Air Guided adventures. Rara lake trekking is the  restrication trekking areas of Nepal. we help to make your trekking document, rara lake trekking permit, package trip from our  Rara lake opearating agency in Nepal.if you go Rara lake via Talcha airport, it is just 3 hours walk to Rara Lake. It is saying that Rara lake is the Queen lakes of the Nepal. Rara National park start from 1800 m height to 4480 m height while Rara lake lies in the 2900 m height from the sea level.

Because of the Talcha Airport and fly  plane Nepalgunj to Talcha Rara become very easy to access if you purches ticket , get a ticket. Rara national park is Small National park Nepal but Rara lake is biggest as well as hidden beautiful lakes in Nepal. Rara lakes spread 10 Sq km  while whole Rara National park is spread 106 Sq Km. Rara national park has 500 diffrent kind of the flowers, there are Blak Junipers, Himalayan Cypress, west himalayan spruce makes the surrounding the lakes area as a decoreated bride.

Rara lake trek  cost depend upon kind of transport and days

Access to the Rara Lake:

Rara National park is 3 days trek via Jumla or 10 days trek from Surkhet. The easiest way to reach the park is by air from Nepalgunj to Surkhet to the talcha Airstrip.

4 days Rara Lake trekking  short itinerary(flight connecting to the Nepalgunj and Talcha Airport)

1. Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flight

2. Nepalgunj to Talcha Airport then 3 hrs to Rara lake

3. Rest day in Rara lake, Morning hike to Murmatop which is 2 hrs, Murmatop is the small peak at the height of 3400 m, then return to the camp for the breakfast , after this  you can boating about 1 hours surrounding the  lakes.

4. Rara Lake to Talcha Airport then fly to Nepalgunj and kathmandu.

Jumla to Rara lake 14 days  trekking itinerary

Day 01: Flight Kathmandu – Nepalgunj.

Day 02: Flight Nepalgunj – Jumla (2370m).

Day 03-05: Trek to Danphe Langa (3130m).

Day 06: Trek to Chautha (2770m).

Day 07: Trek to Dhotu (2380m).

Day 08: Trek to Rara lake (3040m).

Day 09: Rest and explore Rara Lake.

Day 10: Trek to Ghorasingha (3190m).

Day 11: Trek to Sinja (2440m).

Day 12: Trek to Jaljala (3270m).

Day 13: Trek to Jumla

Day 14: Flight Jumla - Nepalgunj - Kathmandu

Cheap rara lake package manage by the rara lake trekking agency in Kathmandu

Rara lake trekking Permit:

Rara lake permit is a  restrication area permit in Nepal. There are two permit necessary, one is Rara National park fee Rs. 3000 per person, second is Rara restrication permit.

For the first 7 days per person US $90 and After 7

days per day per person Us$15 Or equivalent


convertible foreign currency

Rara lake trek itinerary, day to day itinerary of rara lake

Rara lake trekking Guide: we provide the license holder trekking guide for the Rara lake trekking.

Rara lake trekking package cost: 6 days  Rara lake trekking cost  $1200 usd per person.

Rara lake short trekking itinerary

1. Arrive in Kathmandu

2. Kathamndu to Nepalgunj flight

3. Nepalgunj to Talcha airport Near Rara lake.

4. Explore the Rara lake

5. Rara lake to Kathmandu

Rara Lake is hte main feature of the park. The Lake in 2007, was declared as a wetland of international importance, that is the Ramsar site. The Lake is surrounded by magnificent conifer forestes. Its radiant blue water is home to the trout(Asla, the only fish species recorded in the Lake), During winter , bird lovers can enjoy many migratory birds. In summer, Himalayan Flowers surround the Lake creating a colorful Landscape. The Elevation of the park ranges from 2800 m to 4039 m. Chuchemara peak(4039m) is the highest point and on the southern side, forms an excellent backdrop to the Lake Rara. The snowcapped summits of Ruma Kand(3731m( and Malika Kand(3444m) on the northern side of the Lake, provide beautiful views of the Lake to the south, and to beautiful views of the Lake to the south the beautiful Mugu-Karnali River valley to the North. Murma Peak also provides an excellent view of the park area. The Lake drains to Mugu Karnali River via Nijar Khola.

People Living in RNP and its buffer zone(BZ) area belong to Hindu Religion. There are several ancient temples and shrines of Local importance in this region. The famous temples in Mugu district include Chhaynath, Khesma Malika,Tharpa, Choti, and Miyi. There are several caves in the hills surrounding the park and Lke. Deuda is popular cultural dance of this area.

Rara lake trek is the most beautiful trekking in Nepal himalaya


The Majority of vegetation in the park is dominated by blue pine and diffrent species of rhododendrons area associated with it. Blue Pine, herbs, Marshlands and tussock grasslands inhabit the area surrounding the Lake. In the Nisa Khola valley, pine and spruce give way to mixed woodland and containing walnuts and Himalayan poplar, Rhododendron, fir, Oak, and birch specices area found in the sub alpine region. Guchi Chayau(Morchella conica), Jatamasi(Nardostachys grandiflora), Satuwa(Paris Polyphlla), Sugandhwal(Valerana Jatamanasi), Kuti(picrorhiza Scropulariaeflora), Bojho(Acorus Calamus), Timmur(Zanthaozylum armatum), Lauthsalla (Taxus Buccata), Yarsagumba(Cordiceps sinensis), Dhupi(Juniperus spp.), seabuckthorn(Hyppophae tibetana), Chiraito( Swertia Chirata), Panchaaunle(Dactylorhiza hatazirea), Attis(Aconitum heterophylllum), Padmachal(Rheum australe), Pakhanbed(Bergenia Ciliata), Okhar(Juglans regia) and Jhyau(permelia spp.)are the high valued medicinal herbs of RNP and BZ community forest.


About 51 mammal species have been recorded in the park. Park is an ideal habitat for the endangered Musk Deer(Moschus Chrysogaster), Himalayan Black Bear(Ursus selenarctos thibetanus), Red panda(Ailurus Fulgens), Himalayan Ghoral(Nemorhaedus goral), Jackal(Canis aureus), Himalayan Thar(Hemitragus Jemalthicus), yellow throated Marten(Martes Flavigula), Wild Dog(Cuon alpinus), wild Boar(Sus scrofa), common Languar(Presbytis entellus), Rehesus Macaque(Macaca mulatta) and common otter(Lutra Lutra).


so far 272 bird species have been recorded in RNP, Rara Lake serves as an important transit station for migratory waterfowls acress the himalayas. Coots(fulica atra) are plentiful in the lake and several of them stay even for the whole year. Great created grebe(Podiceps nigricollis), Red -created grebe(Podiceps nigricollis), red crested pochard(Netta ragina), (Mergus Merganster) and Gulls(Larus spp.)visit the park during winter. Other common birds in the park are snow cock(Teragallus Himalayensis), Chukor partridge(Alectoris Chukor), Impeyan Pheasant(Laphophorus impejanus), Kalij pheasant(Lophura Leucomelana) and Blood pheasant(lthaginis cruentus).


Three endemic species of snow trout (Schizothorax macropthalus, Schizothroax nepalenis and Schzothorax varaensis) are recorded in the Lake.


There is a health post located 25 minutes walk from the park Quarter (HQ). but a comprehensive first aid kit including medicines for intestinal disorders is advisable. There is a Guest house located next to the park HQ provides lodging facility. And few other hotels cum tea shops with lodging facilities are available out side the park at 30 minutes walking distance. There are well places iew towers, paddled steel boats, rubber boats and traditional wooden boats inside the park.


Summer is pleasant , however, winter is quite cold. Best time to visit the park is september to November and April to May. From December to march the temperatrue drops to below freezing, and heavy snowfall accumulates up to one meter, closing high passes. April to June is warmer but the season gives way to Monsoon through june to August.

Transporation for Rara lake trekking

Kathmandu to Nepaljung flight  foreginer,  $181 usd-Nepalgung in Buddha Air

Nepalese fare-5300 Reupees, Nepalgunj to Jumla Rs 7500

Yeti Airlines kathmandu to Nepalgunj:

Nepalgunj to Talcha Airport flight cost Rs :8500 NPR

Kathmandu to Jumla by bus:Takes 27 hours in  850 km distance from kathmandu.

Rara Lake trekking permit:

Note: Now a days Rara lake is no more restrication areas. so, it is just need a Entry fee of Rara lake and Timms card for the foreigners trekkers.

Rara lake permit is a  restrication area permit in Nepal. There are two permit necessary, one is Rara National park fee Rs. 3000 per person, second is Rara restrication permit.

For the first 7 days per person US $90 and After 7

days per day per person Us$15 Or equivalent

convertible foreign currency

For the first 7 days per person US $90 and After 7
days per day per person Us$15 Or equivalent
convertible foreign currency

manaslu trekking Nepal connect to Annapurna region and upper mustang. One can go Annapurna region with the permit of the manaslu region Nepal.



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